At the bedside of fishermen repatriated from Mauritania: Macky Sall fishing in Guet-Ndar - La Vie Senegalaise | SENEGAL

On the eve of Korité, the 629 fishermen of Guet-Ndar can display reassured smiles.Returnees from Mauritania, three months ago, they received yesterday a support from the State, which amounts to 2.28 billion F Cfa President Macky Sall himself came to bring the good news to Saint-Louis.

Place Faidherbe de Saint-Louis refused to the world on the occasion of this visit by the Head of State, awaited for several weeks by the populations of Guet Ndar and the Langue de Barbarie, who have experienced black days recently.Artisanal fishermen, fishing professionals, fish wholesalers, women processors and other players in the fishery all came together strongly for the ceremony of handing over the checks and the material consisting mainly of outboard motors.

The mayor of Saint-Louis, Mansour Faye, sets the scene for this presidential visit: "He has come to honor the commitment he made a few months ago to support fishermen repatriated from not the first, because the Head of State had already given instructions, which made it possible to provide support to these families in disarray.

Never since independence, a President of the Republic has invested so much money in Saint-Louis through the various programs and projects which are among others, the tourist development plan of 17 billion, the sanitation project of Guet-Ndar of 2 billion and other programs which have made it possible to invest more than 10 billion in the fishing sector."

In the same wake as the Minister of Hydraulics, President Sall explains the scope of his act.He said: "The ceremony of handing over this aid to the fishermen of Saint-Louis testifies to my ambition to build a Senegal of all and a Senegal for all based on work, equity and solidarity.It confirms my desire to bring the necessary comfort to all Senegalese citizens who are in a difficult situation."

Posted Date: 2021-03-15

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