Between second-hand fishing equipment and ephemeral sales

On Circle Fishers, a platform created in 2018 and effective the following year, enthusiasts and amateurs can sell but also buy, in a secure way, second-hand fishing equipment.”The principle is simple, the buyer orders directly on the site and his money is kept by our payment partner until he receives his package.The seller then receives the money directly into his bank account,” explains Karim Sanogho, creator of Circle Fishers and passionate about fishing since his early childhood.

A 100% secure platform

If he always hoped to make his passion his profession, Karim Sanogho nevertheless followed a rather classical university course and then worked as a salesman.”I liked my job but I felt that I was missing something, I felt that I needed more than ever to launch an activity around my passion,” he adds.

At the same time, while Karim had been buying second-hand fishing equipment for a few months, a bad experience with a buyer occurred and the click happened.”I realized that there was no secure platform 100% dedicated to the purchase and sale of second-hand fishing equipment between individuals,” he explains.Here, a buyer can place an order only if he is solvent “no risk of scam either for the seller or the buyer” as the creator says.

Quality equipment at the best price

“Circle Fishers is aimed at beginners or experienced fishermen who wish to buy quality equipment. at the best price, as well as to enthusiasts who have equipment they no longer use and who wish to sell it easily and safely,” explains Karim.If for the moment the site is targeting French recreational anglers, a foreign clientele is beginning to appear.

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